Cans for Habitat


Cans for Habitat is a national partnership between The Aluminum Association and Habitat for Humanity International that began in August of 1997. Money earned from recycled aluminum cans is used to build decent, affordable housing with families nationwide. A network of Habitat affiliates, local businesses, recycling centers and community organizations “make every can count” by recycling aluminum cans to help build homes.

Below are some fun facts about the Cans for Habitat program:

  • There are currently more than 600 Cans for Habitat afflilates participating in the program.
  • To date, approximately 11.3 million pounds of aluminum cans have been recycled – an equivalent of $4 million dollars raised by and for Habitat affiliates as part of the Cans for Habitat program. That equates to 88 houses!
  • If every American recycled one can today, Habitat could build 56 homes tomorrow.
  • Americans recycled $800 million worth of cans in 2003 – just one percent of that figure could build 160 Habitat for Humanity homes! Every can really does count!

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