The Forest where Ashley Lives

Hi… My Name is Ashley. I’m Seven years old.
I like to play soccer in the spring,
ride my bike in the summer,
make leaf piles in the fall, and build
snowpeople in the winter.
I Also like to take walks arround town my dad
and my dog, Ubu.

My dad is a tree person. He’s called the “town forester”
becouse he takes care of the trees in our town forest.
do you have a forest wher you live?

“A forest is a place with trees and other plants, animal
and non-living things. For example, all of the trees found in a city
or town create a special kind of forest called a “City or town forest.”

Trees are everywhere in our town forest. They’re in the park, at my school,
near the creek and river, along the streets, and in people’s yards.

” Did You know? trees need soil, sunlight, water, nutrients, the invisible
gases oxygen and carbondioxide and space abobe and below ground to grow”.

Our town forest includes more than just a lot of of trees. It also people building, houses,
streets, cars, buses, and trucks.

A tree has main parts-roots, trunk and crown. The Roots anchor the three in the ground,
help hold the soil and absorb water nutrients. The trunk is the passageway where food, water, and nutrients
move between the roots and the crown.
The crown includes branches and leaves which are the tree’s food-making factory.

Our town forest also has shrubs, flowers, vines, water, soil, animals, and mushrooms.
If you live in a town or city, you probably live in a forest, too.

Did You Know?
A forest includes both living (plants and animal) an non living things (rocks, soil,water and air).
It is an example of an ecosystem. other types of ecosystem are wetlands, swamps, deserts, tundra, rivers, prairies and ocean.

Many kinds of trees live in our town forest. Some have big leaves and names like ketapang and jati. These trees lose their leaves in the fall.

Did you Know?
Trees can be identified by different things such as their leaf shafe, leaf edges, trees hape,
bark, fruit, and seeds. Trees that drop their leaves in the fall are known as deciduous trees.

Conifer trees have thin needle like with names like pin, spruce, and fir.
Most conifers stay green all year long, even in the winter. These trees are called “evergreen”.
All conifers make that hold seeds. What kinds of trees are in yor forest?

Our town forest has many different sizes of tree.
Some are tall, some are short and some are in between.
Just like people, the trees are all diferent ages. My dad told me that the biggest trees are not always the oldest.
Some trees can grow more than 4 feet a year, while others may only grow 6 to 24 inches in a year.

Every year a tree ;ives it grows a new layer of wood.
This layer is called a tree growth ring on a tree stump you can find out how long that tree lived.

Forest provide many benefits for people an animals. My dad told me that trees and other plants release
the invisible gas called oxygen that needen by all living things to survive.
Wow.. This means trees and other plants help us stay a live.

Leaves are the tree food factory. they use a process called photosynthesis to produce
simple sugars for tree food plus oxygent for us. These materials are
produced when energy from the sun is combined wioth the invisible gas carbondioxide
from the air, plus water and nutrients from the soil.

Trees are like big air conditioners that run all summer long. My sister and I like to play in the shade of our big trees.
it would be realy in the summer without any trees!

Shede trees planted on the east and west sides a hous help keep it cool in the summer so air conditioner costs are lower
and energy is saved.

Our forest provides a home for animals as squirrels, birds, rabbits, owls, racoons, butterflies and beetles. Tree also provide food for some animal. Some trees are helpful in the winter time too. the pine trees in our backyard stay green all year long. The act like a wall to keep winter winds in my backyard, too, by giving them a sheltered place to live.

In the winter, evergreen trees on the north and west sides of a house can reduce heating costs and save energy.
That’s good for the environment.

The trees, shrubs and grasses in our forest help the water we drink at home and school stay clean.Tree and other plant roots filter out some unwanted materials in the water as it moves through the ground. Roots also help hold the soil so it doesn’t wash away when the rains fall. Without the help of tree and other plant roots, the water could get really yucky!.

Planting grasses, shrubs and trees along the edges of streams and rivers is one way to make the water cleaner. These plantings are called “bufers” because they can improve the water quality and provide homes for animals.

Trees provide many benefits. They help cool the air, clean the water, provide homes and food for animals and provide oxygen for us to breath. They also make our town look pretty!. In order to do all these things trees and forests have to be healthy. Foresters like my dad help trees grow strong and healthy.

Trees from forest outside of our cities and towns provide wood to make thins like paper, books, toilet paper, houses, pencils, chairs, paper bags, and many other things we use everyday. Sometimes trees from cities and towns also are used in these way, but they’re more likely to be chapped for much to help protect the trucks of other trees from lown mowers and weep-whipers.

One day, I went to work with my dad. At first I was mad because his workers cut down some trees. But then my dad told me that sometimes sick or
or injured trees have to be removed so they won’t fall on houses or people.

The best way to help the forest every time a tree is cut down is to plant new trees to replace it. Every spring we have a special tree planting day called
Arbor Day. My dad lets me help.

Cerita diatas di ambil dari komik THE FOREST WHERE ASHLEY LIVES, kita bisa mengenal dan memahami fungsi hutan sekaligus meningkatkan kemampuan berbahasa inggris. Kelanjutan cerita nya bisa di baca pada komik yang ada di Rumah Baca Liana Indonesia, atau buat kamu yang menyukai komik ini bisa mengirim email ke untuk merequest komik dalam bentuk pdf nya. selamat membaca.


One thought on “The Forest where Ashley Lives

  1. Fery Apriadi says:

    Saya sangat tertarik dengan media yang anda kembangkan, kebetulan saya terlibat dalam dunia pendidikan. Tepatnya pendidikan alternatif untuk orang rimba (kubu) di bukit 12 (Taman Nasional Bukit Dua Belas). Nah kebetulan lagi Heee…hee kami sedang mengumpulkan dongeng asli orang rimba dan sekarang baru terkumpul 10 tetapi sebenarnya masih banyak. Nah dongeng tersebut sekarang dalam tahap pracetak..

    Saya tergabung di sebuah LSM di jambi yaitu KKI-Warsi. Saya tergabung di Projek pendampingan Orang rimba sebagai fasilitator pendidikan. Nah saya sangat tertarik dengan kegiatan yang sedang anda (Btw saya harus panggil anda dengan sebutan apa???) lakukan dan saya mengharapkan kita dapat berdiskusi melalui email atapun media yang lain.


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